Stevenson Edition receives funding from Royal Society of Edinburgh

We’re delighted to announce that a bid submitted to support work on the New Edinburgh Edition of the Works of Robert Louis Stevenson earlier this year to the Royal Society of Edinburgh was successful. The bid was entered into the recently launched RSE Arts & Humanities Major Research Grants competition, which makes awards of up to £175,000 provided by the Scottish Parliament in order to support ‘investigations in Scotland that will lead to advances in creativity, intellectual insights and knowledge that are of value to the research community and of use in wider social contexts’ [RSE website].

Running from April 2011 to March 2014 and directed by Penny Fielding (Edinburgh) and Anthony Mandal (Cardiff), the grant of just over £150,000 will assist the development of the Edition’s infrastructural mechanisms and directly support the publication of 13 volumes of our first wave, as well as contributing to various digital resources and events over the next three years.

In this funded phase of the project, the editorial team will bring out Collected Essays (5 vols), The Dynamiter, St Ives, The Amateur Emigrant, Prince Otto and a volume of Stories. Three further volumes, Weir of Hermiston, Kidnapped and Catriona, will also be far advanced at this stage and the transcriptions of their manuscripts deposited in our publicly accessible online archive.

The project team are grateful to the RSE, whose generous support will ensure that the EdRLS team will be able to generate a sizeable quantity of volumes in our first phase, while maintaining the highest scholarly and production standards.

Fuller details are available here:


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