The Romantic Book: A Day Symposium

The Open University Romantic Period Research Group and Book History Group will be running a one-day symposium on The Romantic Book, which will take place on 23 June 2011 at Senate House, London.

The event is organized by Dr Nicola Watson and Dr Shaf Towheed, and speakers include Luisa Calé, Stephen Colclough, Katie Halsey, Anthony Mandal, Lynda Pratt and William St Clair. Here’s a summary of the event from the Symposium website:

From plain text pocket editions of Byron’s Don Juan and the novels of Sir Walter Scott, to the richly illustrated volumes of Blake’s Songs of Innocence and Experience, the book in the Romantic period became a central point of cultural engagement for writers and readers in the British Isles and beyond. But what did the book represent for writers and readers in the Romantic period? How did the material form of the printed book shape readers’ engagement with the literature of the period? How did the established culture of manuscript circulation engage with the rise of mass print culture? How did Romantic period poets and novelists conceive of their writing within the structures of the printed book? What were the opportunities for illustration opened up by innovations in book production? This day symposium brings together speakers from book history, literary studies and visual and material culture to investigate the topic of the ‘Romantic Book’ from a range of perspectives.

More information is available @


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