Visiting Speaker, 11 Aug 2017: Bing Jin on Chinese Neo-Victorianism

Bing Jin (University of International Business and Economics, Beijingwill be presenting her paper, ‘Chinese Neo-Victorianism’, at 11.30am on Friday, 11 August 2017. The talk will take place in the Cardiff University’s John Percival Building, Room 2.47. Please note the change of time and venue.

In this lecture, Prof. Bing Jin will offer a complex analysis of the rise, developments and recent trends in the academic study of the neo-Victorian novel in China, with special focus on such authors as A.S. Byatt, John Fowles and Graham Greene. She will also discuss the different assumptions and approaches in contemporary Chinese (Neo)Victorianist scholarship in contrast to that in Britain.

About the speaker
Bing Jin
Bing Jin is Professor of English and Director of the Center for English and American Literary Studies at the University of International Business and Economics, Beijing, China. Professor Jin received her BA, MA and Ph.D degrees in English from Peking University and has studied and conducted research at institutions and universities in different countries, including at the Universities of Leiden (Holland), Wisconsin-Madison (US) and Warwick. She has published extensively in the field of Victorian studies and presented keynote speeches at both national and international literary conferences. As the first Chinese scholar to work in the field of neo-Victorianism, her publications on the reconstruction of the Victorian age in such neo-Victorian authors as A.S. Byatt, John Fowles and Peter Carey are of pioneering significance and have opened up the field to other scholars in China. As a Fulbright Research Scholar, she conducted research at Columbia University in 2014–15 and was invited to give lectures at several American universities including CUNY, Brooklyn College, New York City College, University of North Georgia and Florida International University.

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