Owing to its focus on interdisciplinary research, CEIR not only draws its membership from the School’s English Literature faculty, but also from other disciplines both with Cardiff University and beyond. Below is a listing of the current members of CEIR and their fields of specialisation:

Professor Bill Bell, BA (Lynchburg), MA (Bowling Green), PhD (Edinburgh). Bibliography; book history; the history of reading; theories of cultural production; utopian writing; literature and religion; the history  of English studies; Matthew Arnold.

Dr Melanie Bigold, BA (Manitoba), MA (Toronto), DPhil (Oxford). History of the book; manuscript culture; women’s writing and women’s literary history; philosophy, religion and literature in the long c18th; Enlightenment coteries; critical biography and afterlives.

Professor Martin Coyle, BA PhD (Nottingham). Textual editing and the textual histories of Shakespeare’s plays as well as the other aspects of Shakespeare, including film.

Professor Paul Goldman, BA (London), AMA FMA. Honorary Professor in CEIR, advisor on AHRC-funded CEIR project, A Web-Mounted Database of Mid-Victorian wood-engraved Illustration (DMVI); British book illustration during the Victorian period; antiquarian books.

Dr Michael Goodman, BA (Manchester), MA PhD (Cardiff). Research Associate in Cardiff University Digital Cultures Network. Victorian illustration; Shakespeare; the archive; digital humanities.

Robert Lloyd, BA MA (Cardiff). Doctoral Candidate: Spectral-Scopics: Ghosts, Gazing and Agency in Women’s Short Fiction, 1950-Present.

Dr Anthony Mandal, BA (Dunelm), MA PhD (Wales). Jane Austen; Robert Louis Stevenson; Romantic and Victorian literature; gothic fiction; bibliography and textual studies; history of the book and print culture; digitial humanities.

Dr Jane Moore, BA MA PhD (Wales). Feminist theory; critical theory, Romantic-era satire; Thomas Moore; Mary Wollstonecraft.

Dr Becky Munford, BA (Oxford), MA, PhD (Exeter). Twentieth-century women’s writing (especially Angela Carter); the European gothic; gender and the erotic; feminist history and theory (especially third-wave feminism and postfeminism); literary influence and intertextuality; neo-Victorianism; women and trousers.

Professor Carl Phelpstead, BA (Sheffield), MPhil DPhil (Oxon). Medieval literature (especially Old Norse–Icelandic and Old and Middle English); 20th-century medievalism.

Alice Rowe, BA MA (Cardiff) MA (Bristol). Doctoral candidate: The Pharmakon and Addiction in Nineteenth-Century Periodical Culture.

Professor Julia Thomas, BA MA PhD (Wales). Victorian illustrations; c19th visual and material cultures; digital archives; Victorian Shakespeare.

Professor Keir Waddington, BA (UEA) MA PhD (UCL). Social history of medicine; tuberculosis; public health and diseased meat; medicine and charity; Victorian hospitals; medical education; the history of nursing; c20th history of Bethlem (Bedlam); rural health in Wales; hospital and patient narratives.