In addition to promoting research and supporting individual study, the Centre has also been active in engaging with the broader academic community in the form of a regular visiting speakers programme, interdisciplinary research networks and international conferences.

Speakers programme

Since 1998, CEIR has hosted a programme of speakers, whose papers have dealt with bibliographical and intertextual issues relating to English studies. In developing its programme, CEIR makes a point of inviting both established international scholars and younger researchers in the early stages of their careers. Previous speakers have included Alan Dessen, Ina Ferris, Hans Walter Gabler, Warwick Gould, Harriet Guest, Rick Rylance, Kathryn Sutherland, William St Clair and Duncan Wu. Details of the current programme are on the Visiting Speakers page.

Research networks

Over the last few years, CEIR has established a number of interdisciplinary research networks that focus on various aspects of the history of the book and material cultures. Networks, workshops and seminars hosted or co-hosted by the Centre include:

  • December 2015–May 2017: Cardiff Digital Cultures Network. Funded by a Cardiff University’s College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Initiator Grant..
  • January 2014–September 2015: WISE: What Is Scholarly Editing? (with School of Advanced Study, Institute for Historical Research and University of Durham). Funded under the AHRC Collaborative Skills Development call
  • January 2008–January 2009: ‘Papering over Cracks’: A Cardiff University Postgraduate Colloquium on Material Culture. Funded by Cardiff University’s Graduate Schools
  • December 2007–July 2008: Literary Illustration: Conservation, Access, Use (with the Victoria and Albert Museum): . Funded under the AHRC Research Workshops (Museums and Galleries) scheme
  • October 2007: Annotating Image Archives to Support Literary Research (with the Cardiff School of Computing Science). Funded under the AHRC Methods Workshops scheme
  • October 2006: seminar series on illustration, built around a University-funded Visiting Scholar, Paola Spinozzi (Ferrara), and involving staff from various Schools.


In addition to our visiting speakers and interdisciplinary research networks schemes, the Centre has hosted or co-organised three international conferences:

  • Romantic Imprints: British Association for Romantic Studies (BARS) 2015 biennial conference.
  • Facts and Fictions: Ireland and the Novel in the Nineteenth Century (September 2001)
  • The Production of Culture: The Scottish Press in a National and International Context, 1800–1880, with the Centre for Publishing Studies, Stirling and the Centre for the History of the Book, Edinburgh (July 2001)
  • Scenes of Writing, 1750–1850 (July 1998), with Sheffield Hallam University and the University of Wales, Swansea