Offering sustained scholarly and technical expertise, the Centre for Editorial and Intertextual Research (CEIR) provides a highly developed infrastructure to support bibliographical and textual research, on a number of fronts: core research projects, a rich calendar of events, MA courses and doctoral research. In addition members of CEIR having being sharing their research experience and expertise by acting as consultants on a variety of projects outside of Cardiff University.

Research projects and publications

Since its foundation, CEIR has operated as the base of a number of various initiatives, both at the individual and collaborative level. Among the latter, we have been successful in gaining a number of grant awards from both the Arts and Humanties  Research Council and the British Academy, resulting in the development of a number of key projects. Projects have included an online bibliography of the English Novel, 1830–1836 (2003); a database of British Fiction, 1800–1829 (2004); a database of mid-Victorian wood-engraved illustrations (2007); as well as more specific digitisation and electronic collation projects.

Speakers, research networks, conferences

In addition to promoting research and supporting individual study, the Centre has also been active in engaging with the broader academic community. As a result, we have hosted a regular series of visiting speakers at Cardiff University, as well as three international conferences. Over the last few years, CEIR has also worked on develop a number of collaborative research networks in the forms of research seminars and workshops on illustration studies, conservation, digital imaging and material cultures. More information can be found in the Events section of this blog.

Research opportunities

MA courses: CEIR also supports a number of courses that employ core bibliographical and textual scholarship, covering five centuries of English literature, from the Renaissance to the Victorian period, and available via the ‘Editorial and Intertextual Studies’ pathway in the MA in English Literature programme.

Doctoral research: Since its founding, CEIR has formed the base for a number of doctoral research projects focusing on history of the book and material cultures. In addition to individual supervision by members of staff based in CEIR, the Centre offers further support in the form of a CEIR PhD Discussion Group, which meets on an informal basis approximately three times per semester. CEIR continues to provide facilities and supervision for candidates interested in pursuing doctoral-level research with a strong bibliographical or intertextual basis.


Since the foundation of the Centre in 1997, its members have acquired a significant amount of experience in the development of large-scale digital projects focusing on bibliography, editorial practice and literary illustration. To this end, we have already shared our findings and expertise, and provided electronic resources (e.g. shell databases) to colleagues working on bibliographic and editing projects, image archives, travel writing and digitisation initiatives at various institutions, among them the Edinburgh Edition of the Waverley Novels, the Stirling/South Carolina Edition of the Collected Works of James Hogg, the Ninteenth Century Serials Edition, the University of Glamorgan, the University of Central England, Leeds Trinity & All Saints, the University of Stirling and the University of Wolverhampton. CEIR welcomes enquiries from scholars working in the related fields seeking advice, wishing to discuss their research projects or interested in exploring potential collaborations.