Katherine Mansfield: PhD Research

Katherine Mansfield, BA (Swansea), MA (Bristol) is a doctoral candidate in English Literature at Cardiff University. Her thesis, ‘Sensationalising the New Woman: Crossing the Boundaries between Sensation and New Woman literature, 1859–1901’, explores the relationship between Sensation and New Woman fiction to investigate the extent to which Sensation literature is a forerunner to the early development of the New Woman novel; and consequently how the two genres blur, or cross, temporal and conceptual boundaries.

Her research interests are in Victorian literature and culture, particularly popular and late Victorian fiction; women’s writing; gender studies; and the rediscovery of forgotten writers and novels. In this ongoing series of posts, Harriet discusses various aspects of her research project as it unfolds.

  1. New Sensations: Placing Sensation and New Woman Literature 4 November 2016