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The Letterpress iPad App

(by Andrew Gorin, The Faster Times, 3 Mar 2011)

Trying to preserve the craft of letterpress printing by making it into an iPad app is kind of like trying to save the art of the book by promoting the AmazonKindle. It’s absurd. So absurd that it just might work!

lmp case ss The Letterpress iPad App

Graphic designer and wood type enthusiast John Bonadies has created a “virtual letterpress environment” to be released for the iPad. He calls it LetterMpress, and you can use it to mix colors, set type as you would on a real press—meaning that the letters appear backwards in the press bed—and store your designs in digital galley trays. And yeah, you can even export these “prints” directly to your LaserJet to be copied effortlessly while you sit around admiring your perfectly manicured, ink free, fingernails. Damn you look good!

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